Buy The Best Coconut And Milk Body Lotion For Dry

Buy The Best Coconut And Milk Body Lotion For Dry

Do you have body dryness issues? Are you searching for the right product, this article will make it easy for you to choose.

How To Choose The Right Product For Dry Skin Type?

As the autumn season is ending and winter is coming it brings with it a lot of skin problems. The cold breeze and hot showers can make your skin dry. To maintain the moisture and smoothness of the skin many ladies search for body creams or lotions.  The body lotions help in keeping the skin hydrated and soft. But there is a difference in the texture of both of them. 

While there are tons of products available in the market, you need to know first that different types of skin require different products. If you are also confused about using a body butter or a body lotion for your skin then this guide will clear your worries. Most skin specialists suggest using products with natural ingredients that nourish your skin. Our favorite organic brand for a Nourishing Body Lotion is WBM Care. (Also, do check out the wide range of body lotion for sensitive skin from our online shopping store).

The Difference Body Lotions Vs Body Butters

Body Lotion Is Light-weight

Many people prefer using body lotion for dry skin as it is light on the skin and feels non-greasy. Due to its light texture, it quickly absorbs into the skin. The organic body lotion is a mixture of oil and water which is also great for people with a little dry skin.

You can go for lotion when you want less moisture. This is can be best for hands and face for those people who don’t have extremely dry skin. Moisturizing body lotion can be more hydrating and less greasy. As it contains a higher content of water which makes it spread more easily.

We recommend using the Shea butter and Organic Olive Oil Body Lotion by WBM Care.  A must-have skincare product for winters.  The intense conditioning formula is crafted with nature’s ingredients and zero percent of chemicals.  Shea butter and Olive il both have natural nourishing properties,. The hydrating body lotion is best for extremely dry and sensitive skin. Generally, it is also best for all skin types. It just glides on the skin it is so smooth and silky.

What is Body Butter? 

The body butter is rich in texture feels heavy on the skin. It is good for people with extremely dry skin. For dry areas of the body, like hands, elbows, legs, and feet. Body butter has a sticky texture and its a little difficult to spread on the skin as compared to body lotions

  • A Lotion is more Processed and Body Butter is Raw 

You can apply a body butter when you need an intense moisturizer. This is best for rough, flaky skin as well as for applying on the body. 

The body butter contains less water and difficult to spread on the skin. The creamy lotion is a more processed form of moisturizer as body butter is raw and contains fewer ingredients. Because of its thick texture, it can not be used on the face as it can cause acne or darken skin complexion due to excess grease.

Uses of Body butter:

Butters are best to be used at night as when we sleep our skin repairs the damage caused during the day. Hence it’s more effective during the night.

  • Body butter can cause breakouts or clogged pores unlike Body lotions

The thick texture of body butter can cause breakouts and clog pores if used on the face. Many people do not know the difference between lotion and body butter. They apply the body butter as a makeup remover and get breakouts or acne. 

To prevent acne and pimples use a light formula for the face. For instance, the Milk and coconut body lotion is the best non-greasy formula to moisturize skin. It also prevents the clogging of pores and acne.

The Verdict

The choice of product for your skin depends on your preference. The difference between both is in the texture and stickiness. Most people don’t like the greasy and heavy feel of body butter on the hands and feet at all. Besides, they feel slimy and heavy on the skin. Also, some can even stain your garments which no one would want. While most people prefer lighter absorbing formula’s that’s easy to spread

The formula for our natural body lotions is rich in pure ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, coconut oils. Overall, the product choice for a Nourishing body lotion depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin and want a light moisturizer for your body use a Body lotion. Or you can try honey-based Body lotion for acne-prone skin for preventing acne.


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