Buy All WBM Products At Huge Discounts From Daraz

Buy All WBM Products At Huge Discounts From Daraz

Don't Miss Our Sale Upto 60%

WBM International is offering 50-60% off on its exclusive products now on Daraz’s annual 11.11 sale. Besides, you can save up to 500PKR on skincare products so what are you waiting for?

Go and grab our best deals on the world’s biggest sale going on Live now. While you can also visit our online shopping website for weekly discounts.

For How Long Customers Can Avail These Deals?

The “super sale” of Daraz 11.11 is live from 11th Nov to the 17th of November. Therefore, during this exclusive sale at the biggest e-commerce platform, we are offering huge discounts on our products.

How much discount customers will get?

You can get as much as 20% off on Salt & spices and up to 35% off on the purchase of our organic pulses. Besides, our Advanced hand sanitizer is quickly selling at low prices with 50% off. If you are searching for the best men’s skincare products don't forget to check out daraz sale for huge discounts.

This flu season stock up on tissue rolls and Facial Tissues and get amazing discounts by ordering through daraz. pk. You can be ready to go out easily with our Shoe care products available at the lowest prices.

What are the best 2020 deals at Daraz’s annual sale?

All items including skincare, baby care, personal care, and men’s grooming products are available in attractive bundles. Also, don't miss the opportunity of a huge money saver deal it's the best deal of 2020.

Best Liquid Soap for Hand Washing

For the best deals on natural hand wash and foaming hand wash buy our antibacterial hand wash from Daraz with the 11.11 sale. Our liquid hand wash is made from plant-based ingredients that are skin-friendly. Also, it contains natural moisturizing ingredients that leave your hands soft and smooth. While the hydrating hand wash prevents your hands from getting extremely dry because of continuous hand washing.

Best Features

  • Free from SLS, paraben, and perfume
  • Made with Plant-based ingredients
  • Effective in washing dirt, bacteria, and germs
  • Blended with amino acids and vitamins
  • Provides a moisturizing and soothing effect

Safe and Hygienic Baby Care Products

Every mom is worried about their child’s well-being. For this purpose, she wants to make the best decisions for them. While making the right choices in the products we use for kids is as important as their health. Besides our organic products are made with pure and natural ingredients that are chemical-free and preservative-free. So, you can safely use our 3 in 1 natural baby wash and shampoo without baby tears.

Key features

  • Multi-use shampoo
  • Protects baby’s soft skin
  • Safe and hygienic to use
  • Mild and chemical-free shampoo
  • Gentle shampoo with no tears formula

Advanced Protection from Harmful Germs

Now you can get complete protection from viruses and bacteria at a low price. Hence, stock up on instant hand sanitizers for protecting your families from COVID-19. Therefore, it will be easy to use in case you don't have access to a sink for washing your hands. The alcohol-based hand sanitizer is effective in killing 99.9% of germs from the top of the hands.   

Best For:

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Killing all germs and bacteria
  • Contain skin-friendly ingredients
  • Protects your skin from drying
  • Instantly absorbs in the skin
  • It is light on the skin leaves skin soft

You can Bulk-buy Facial Wipes

In this season flu and colds are very common so you need to use a tissue for that runny nose. Hence, you can buy our 2x strong tissues in large quantities from the Daraz gyara gyara sale and save some money.


  • Does not get easily wet
  • Super absorbing power
  • No artificial color used
  • Effective for daily use
  • Super soft touch on the skin
  • 2x Stronger than regular tissue paper
  • Made from 100% High-quality wood pulp

Get the opportunity of Mega discounts and avail of amazing discounts

To get amazing deals on our products visit the daraz store during the 11.11 sale before 17th Nov. Do check out our products on our official website as well.

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